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Whether you are looking to revamp a single room or the entire home, our tailor-made design service will take care of all your interior woes. From minor building work and made-to-measure furnishings, to the dressing of walls, floors and windows, and pretty much every dainty detail in between — we take care of the good, the bad, and the ugly!

The exciting initial consultation will take you on a tailor-made journey through all aspects of the styling and design process — allowing you to gain an insight into the full potential of your home — and provide you with your very own mood board that will house your unique design and style concepts.

Our sought-after styling and innovative ideas have pushed the boundaries to transform homes of all shapes, sizes and styles in destinations both near and far-flung. No matter what your design dilemma, get in touch today to see how we can help maximise your home’s unique and unrivalled potential.



The boudoir is a haven to relax, unwind, and be your complete and utter self; and whether you seek calm and understated, contemporary chic, bling-tastic opulence or clean-cut practicality, we can help you achieve the ultimate sanctuary.

From bed headboards to curtains, carpets to colour schemes, lighting to soft furnishings, accessories to storage solutions — our styling savvy has the ability to transform your sleeping quarters into the personal sanctuary you have always dreamed of in the most effective and cost-friendly manner!





Whether you are looking to completely renovate and restyle your sitting room or slightly rework an existing lounge, our interior insights and inspirations will help you achieve the living area you desire.

From bespoke furniture that will tackle tricky dimensions to best accentuate your unique room to complementary furnishings and accessories, cosy fireplaces and space-saving solutions that will free up your valuable floor space — we can help your living room reach its full and fabulous potential!



This is the one are that anyone entering — or merely calling at — your home will see; and the old adage holds true that first impressions certainly count!

No matter what the size or shape of your home’s hallway, we are able to maximise its space (through bespoke storage solutions, radiator covers and console tables) and create a warm and welcoming ambience (with carefully selected lighting and colour schemes) that will make you proud to call your house your home.





For an increasing number of us the convenience of a home office has become a necessity, but knowing how to maximise its potential is an art form.

At Jewels Canley Interiors, our collective knowledge of office styling techniques — from sliding doors and hidden compartments to space-saving solutions and bespoke desks and shelving — can help your home office reach its full potential no matter what your room size and budget.



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For more information on our produects and services, or to book a consultation, please get in touch or pay our inspiration-laced showroom a visit to begin your personal journey through interior styling and design!